After the fall

Some posts about my scrambling accident. I wrote most of this on a lot of prescription pain relief, so please bear with the errors.

The llama in shadow, 10/11/14
Llama through the looking glass: fugues in M major and small acts of kindness, 10/11/14 – 01/12/14
A good walk spoiled (but not by golf), 08/11/15
Return of the llama, 12/11/15
Llama at bay, 20/06/16
Back down the rabbit hole, 07/07/16
Learning to live with Ilizarov, 21/07/16
An age of marvels, 07/08/16
On the bright side, 27/09/16
A plan is just a list of things that don’t happen, 01/11/16
Two years later, 10/11/16
Aren’t you better yet? 02/03/17
An accretion of brutality, 12/05/17

2 thoughts on “After the fall

  1. WOW Lyndon, what an unbelievably tough time you have had, what strength of character you have to be able to write about it all with such honesty, and wry humour. You have been dealing with the fall out (sorry, no pun intended) for nearly two years, and hopefully life is getting a little back to the way it was before your tumble off the mountain. I’ve read this sitting propped up in bed while on holiday in Wales as I’ve had a trapped nerve/back pain for 9 months now. Months of chiropractor, exercises, acupuncture etc, and lots of £s spent, have not eased it. Sometimes the constant ache turns to excruciating pain and walking/sitting/standing is all just a pain in the arse. I’m having an MRI in a couple weeks, and surgery has been mentioned. I occasionally feel down, fed up, and frustrated, but will take a leaf out of your book – I’ll wear a helmet! Seriously, you are amazing, I salute your courage and wish you well.
    Jane Mitchell, ex NE cartographer.


    • Thanks, Jane, and sorry to hear of your woes – I hope that you can find some relief shortly. It’s been quite a tough time but one of the things about being in this is that the only thing I can really do is keep going. I can’t just ring the bell and get off at the next stop. So it looks like I can sort of almost see the end of this tunnel now, and maybe I can loaf about in the daylight soon. My MRI scared me stupid, but I imagine you’ll be in less of a state when you have yours. I really hope they can Identify something positive they can do to address your back pain. I suffered from lower back issues for a few years and in the end, it took yoga to sort it out (clearly that’s not going to deal with a trapped nerve). All the best with your back and I hope that you’re enjoying your freedom.


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