Hello. I am not really a llama – I doubt you are either, so you can take that disappointed look off your face. This is my blog about the outdoors; I hope you will enjoy it. I hope I will enjoy it too.

Once-upon-a-dreaming, I was out on the hills every Saturday – for reasons several and various, this practice fell by the wayside. As a result, I got unfit. I got heavier. I decided that to get fitter and lighter, I would summit all the 2,000ft peaks in the Yorkshire Dales. To blackmail myself (it’s a victimless crime!) into doing it, I’ve started writing about it. (As of 10/11/14 this ambition has been rather delayed by a scrambling accident.) I’ll be writing about other walks too, though I’ll mosly be focusing on the Yorkshire Dales because they’re on my doorstep. There will be occasional forays to the Lake District and further afield. I’ll have some musings on kit, navigation and *whispers* ethics too. Once I get the hang of blogging and Word Press, I’ll be trying to arrange this into sections to make it more navigable. Don’t hold your breath, mind…

Unless otherwise stated, all text and pictures are mine; please ask if you would like to borrow. If I have made any factual errors, I am happy to correct them – just let me know. I’d like to know what you think of the blog too – please get in touch.

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